Merrimac Publishing Manager

Merrimac Publishing Manager is a comprehensive program for publishers to keep track of their businesses in one place. Everything from administration of Classified and Display Advertising to Newsstand and… [more]

Merrimac Publishing Manager Merrimac Publishing Manager

Classified Advertising

The MPM Classified Advertising System is designed to be used by salespeople entering ads directly from telephone¬†or walk-in orders. This portion of the MPM program shares many of the characteristics of… [more]

Classified Advertising Classified Advertising

Display Advertising

  Merrimac Publishing Manager offers a comprehensive data input and management program for all display advertising sales activity. Display advertising is classified by size, type (display,… [more]

Display Advertising Display Advertising

Direct Mail

  The Direct Mail feature of the Merrimac Publishing Manager allows users to select names from either the advertiser or subscriber lists for promotional purposes. Subscriber/prospect… [more]

Direct Mail Direct Mail

General Accounting

The General Accounting portion of the Merrimac Publishing Manager is a comprehensive bookkeeping system which includes Accounts Payable, all General Ledger functions, and a Commercial Billing module. MPM… [more]

General Accounting General Accounting


MPM Circulation: Manages your complete circulation needs Helps you program your papers for on-time delivery, at the correct drop site, and for the best rates Maintains demographic information… [more]

Subscriptions Subscriptions


With the MPM Payroll system, you can maintain complete records for hourly, salaried, and commissioned employees. Print paychecks for a mixture of payroll frequencies. Whether you pay your employees… [more]

Payroll Payroll