General Accounting

The General Accounting portion of the Merrimac Publishing Manager is a comprehensive bookkeeping system which includes Accounts Payable, all General Ledger functions, and a Commercial Billing module.

MPM General Accounting is…

A comprehensive bookkeeping software

Fully integrated within the Merrimac Publishing Manager

Designed specifically for the publishing industry

Accounts Payable

In the MPM Accounts Payable system, each of your suppliers is entered only once and is identified by a unique four-letter code that you define. Invoices, including recurring payables, are entered as they are received and new suppliers can be entered “on-the-fly” during the invoice entry routine. Expenses can be allocated to as many as nine different expense or publication accounts either by amount or as a percentage of the invoice total. The system assures that all allocation entries are balanced. Invoice entries can be cancelled or corrected at any time.

Approval and payment of open invoices is easy with MPM Accounts Payable. You can chose to approve all open payables or only those for selected suppliers. Checks can be approved for the full amount due or for a partial payment. Print your checks at the end of the approval run or store them for printing at a later time.

Need to refund an advertising customer or a subscription payment? Refund checks can also be approved and printed through our A/P system.

MPM Accounts Payable puts all of your supplier and payment information at your fingertips, with a variety of on-screen inquiries and printable reports that show you supplier information, complete payment history for each of your suppliers, and open payables including due dates and prompt payment discount details.

General Ledger & Banking

Manage all bank account and general ledger functions directly through MPM, including complete financial statements and bank account tracking.

Establish up to nine different bank accounts in MPM to match all of your company requirements. Customer payments entered in advertising, circulation, and commercial billing are batched directly to your MPM bank accounts. All A/P, payroll, and other checks are recorded in your MPM accounts. The MPM reconciliation routine lets you quickly reconcile your bank statements against bank account data in your MPM system.

Design an unlimited number of customized financial statements for your business. Store these report formats in the MPM system and recall them later so the reports can be filled with data for a specific time period and printed. Reports can show comparison time periods and net changes from one period to another.

As an MPM user, you set up a chart of accounts specifically for your publishing business. Posting to the general ledger as often as you like helps you track all financial activity in MPM.

The extensive menu of MPM General Accounting printed reports includes:

A complete chart of accounts listing

A standard trial balance for a specified month or year-to-date

Printed checking account records showing all checks, deposits, and memo entries for any time period specified

Printed financial statements using your customized formats

Journal reports for advertising sales, cash receipts, deferred subscription income, refunds payable, monthly and master recurring entries, payroll, and supplier accounts receivables

Cash flow reports

Transaction analysis reports for any account during any time period

Commercial Billing

MPM Commercial Billing handles all job entry and billing functions for commercial printing activities.

Total MPM system integration lets you book commercial print jobs such as business cards or brochures for existing advertising customers without setting up separate accounts.

Whether your commercial printing business serves thousands of customers or just processes the occasional miscellaneous job order, you can manage order entry, billing, and collections through MPM Commercial Billing.