Why do my A/R numbers look off?

There are a few possible reasons why you’re not seeing what you’re expecting.

1. If you’ve chosen¬† only to list items that have been billed, it’s possible the billing process has not been completed. The software knows the billing is done when the user confirms that all bills have printed correctly. If that final step has not been completed, that will affect your A/R numbers. Even if invoices have been printed and mailed, if this final step is not taken, the software cannot assume that billing is done and will not include those records in the A/R report.

2. The user configurable  effective date of the report defaults to the current date. That date is an issue date, not a billing date. If you have a paper with an issue date later than the default, it will not be included in the A/R report. Be certain to include all ISSUE dates you want to see in the report.

3. Advertisers can be set up as weekly billed or monthly billed.¬† If a specific advertiser’s numbers seem to low, it could be because s/he is a monthly billed advertiser and the effective date does not include the end of the month. Additionally, you should choose to report all invoices and not just billed invoices.

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