Why is my next open issue date wrong when I go to enter new Classified ads?

The simple answer is “Because you didn’t advance copy dates”.

The longer answer is that there are two ways to advance the copy date.

The first is to complete the ‘Send Ads to Copysetter’ process either by hitting the ‘Quit’ button or by Changing publications. In either case, a box pops up asking “Is this the final export for the MM/DD/YY issue of the PUB?”  If the response is ‘Yes’, the copy date FOR THE CURRENT PUBLICATION will be advanced. If the answer  is ‘No’, the dates do not advance.

NOTE: If the user hits the ‘X’ button to get out of this screen, then this box never pops up; the option is never considered; the copy date is not advanced.

The second way to advance the copy date is choose the ‘Advance Copy Dates’ option under Classified/Copy Management.  One can either select the group (if appropriate) and advance each member publication manually, or choose selected publications one at a time and advance that way.